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Tips on how to build a Personal Brand

Building a personal brand is easy if you follow the following photography tips when preparing for your headshot session. Relate to those you you want to appeal to. It is a natural to want to  gravitate our attention towards those we identify with.   Think about your ideal client consider, analyse how they express themselves and the choices they make.  Consider the clothing they wear and the places they can be seen frequenting. If your client is known to wear suits, consider dressing in the same manner.   If your client is more relaxed think of ways that you can dress similarly whilst still looking professional. By mirroring some of these small details you will be able to engage better People expect to be able to see a photo of the person they will be meeting not a fantasy. Your headshots are your your first impression and and like online dating can initiate the first conversation of relationship. The same rules apply, you should look polished, however, be authentic so that the person doesn’t feel mislead when they actually meet you in person.  You want your image to be unique enough to peak their interest, personal enough so they feel they can trust you, and expressive enough to show that you aren’t a bore.3.  Captivate and Entice Your headshot should show hints of personality and express the culture of your business … this will help to entice and inspire your audience to want to join in and have a part in what you and your team do… Showcase yourself and your team at their best.  Relate to them by including the context of spaces they too would be inspired by.    ...