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Our professional state of the art studio is located in Raby Bay Cleveland, however, our photographers and videographers most certainly can travel to you.

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What we do

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the 'YOUr Visual Business Program'

At Studio 4 Media we believe that strong visual content is key when designing your printed and online presence

To build a good public profile and brand identity for your business you will benefit from enlisting a really good professional photographer. To build strong marketing collateral which represents your business in the best way possible. It is important to remember that people generally don’t like to do business without getting to know who they are dealing with first. In most cases they want to deal with real and authentic characters. They want to know who you are and more importantly they want to know what your values are and your key messages.

Our photography sessions are quick, affordable and personalised. Our team are customer focused and we will work with you over an agreed period to create a stock library for your business. It will be unique and contextual to what you do and how you do it to help you to communicate with your audience.

How it works

YOUr Visual Business Base Package

Pay YOUr Visual Business Introduction Sitting Fee of $350 upfront at the time of placing your booking and receive $550 credit towards your purchase of full priced product (this would be enough to purchase 5 high resolution files). This deposit must be paid within 24 hours of your booking confirmation to secure your session date and time. Our images come with unlimited usage rights (something that is worth checking with any photographer that you engage as some will limit your usage to locations and time frames)


Increase Your Visual Impact

If you are wanting to explore the option of developing a living stock library of personalised images for your business which you can access and download at any time we would encourage you to consider upgrading to the $770 YOUr Visual Business Stock Library. By upgrading the images from you first and any subsequent sessions will automatically go up to your stock library within 48hrs to choose your images. With this package you will be able to book up to 4 additional photographic sessions over a 12 month period to add visual content to grow your stock library.This package comes loaded with 12 QTY high resolution files and reduced rate for any additional purchased images to $77 instead of $110 each.

Should you be looking at a complete re-brand exercise for your business we do have a deluxe package which is $3,500 which includes all the bells and whistles of the YOUr Visual Business Stock Library as well as coming pre-loaded with 65 QTY high resolution files and reduced rate for any additional purchased images to $55 instead of $110 each. This package is extremely popular with businesses with 15 or more staff who want to showcase to their clients a customer experience through their online presence and printed collateral.

If you would like to take us up on the opportunity for a pre-consultation to plan the details of your visual business journey with our photographers please contact our Concierge on 07 38215171. We are happy to travel to you so that we can learn more about the context of your business.